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BioDigital is changing the way the world understands health information through the first virtual body platform. Often referred to as “Google Maps for the Human Body,” the BioDigital Human is comprised of over 8,000 individually selectable anatomical structures, 600 pathology models and a toolkit to map and visualize data. This cloud based software is now available in 8 languages, on any desktop, mobile device or in AR/VR for use within any educational or clinical workflow. Through partner integrations in 2019 this platform will power over 100 million visualizations simplifying the understanding of complex medicine for patients and professionals.


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BioDigital is committed to enabling people to understand their health - now more than ever as COVID-19 continues to spread. Working closely with leading virologists, BioDigital has created the first interactive 3D model of the coronavirus. We hope that by enabling better understanding of the science we can help improve recognition of symptoms, and reduce disease transmission and fear. Any organization providing freely available education to the public is welcome to use these visualizations within their scientific communication.

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Interactive 3D: Free trials

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We have received a number of requests from our partners across the healthcare space to help them rapidly deploy interactive 3D visuals (of anatomy, disease, and treatment) in support of mission critical communication with HCPs, employees, consumers, and patients.

We're working to set teams up with access to this technology as quickly as possible. To set up a trial (or long term) account, please reach out to


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