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City: Moorpark
State: CA

Country: United States

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Topaz Systems, Inc. is a global leader in electronic signature solutions and devices. Founded in 1995, Topaz® provides electronic signature pads and software tools to enable the creation, signing, and authentication of electronic documents with digital handwritten signatures. Having received numerous industry awards, Topaz also holds 15+ patents in the field of electronic signature hardware and software. Topaz signature pads are Citrix Ready and have worked with remote environments for many years; with thousands of signature pads running Citrix, Topaz has the greatest support for Citrix by a wide margin, and this margin is increasing daily.


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SigGem® LCD 1x5 WOWPad™, Topaz Systems Inc.

SigGem® LCD 1x5 WOWPad™

The Topaz SigGem® LCD 1x5 WOWPad™ (model T-LBK462-HSX-RG) is an advanced electronic signature pad featuring GemGuard® antimicrobial grip, pen, and signature pad top surface, perfect for over-the-counter or mobile-cart operations. In addition, the WOWPad includes a replaceable cable, providing durability for environments with heavy use. It is certified Citrix Ready and bundled with the Topaz software suite at no additional cost for complete signing and signature solution customization techniques.

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  • GemGuard® Antimicrobial
  • GemView®
  • pDoc Signer®
  • SigLite®
  • SignatureGem®
  • SigPlus®
  • SigPlusExtLite®
  • Topaz®

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