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Mimecast is a cybersecurity and compliance provider that helps thousands of organizations worldwide make email safer, restore trust and strengthen cyber resilience. Mimecast’s expanded cloud suite enables organizations to implement a comprehensive cyber resilience strategy. From email and web security, archive and data protection, to awareness training, uptime assurance and more, Mimecast helps organizations stand strong in the face of cyberattacks, compliance risk, human error and technical failure. www.mimecast.com


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Email Security With Targeted Threat Protection

Protection at your email perimeter Mimecast’s cloud-based Secure Email Gateway protects organizations and employees using any cloud or on-premises email platform. It defends against inbound spear-phishing, malware, spam, and zero-day attacks by combining innovative applications and policies with multiple detection engines and intelligence feeds. Your information, and ultimately your business’ reputation, is protected by outbound scanning of all emails to block threats and prevent malicious or unintentional loss of sensitive or confidential information.

Awareness Training

Reduce The Risk Of Human Error With Cyber Security Training Done Right Even with a robust email security perimeter in place, attackers can try to bypass it and operate inside your email network. When you analyze the anatomy of most successful cyberattacks, nearly all of them have one thing in common. Some users, somewhere, did something that could have been avoided. In fact, research shows that human error is involved in 90%+ of all security breaches. If your employees aren’t ready for a cyberattack, the unfortunate truth is that your organization isn’t either.

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Security Awareness Resources for Your Remote Workforce – On Us

Category: Exclusive Discounts

The spread of Coronavirus is changing the way we live and work. And sadly, cyber attackers are leveraging your employees’ insecurities for their own gain. We encourage you to share these resources to ensure your end-users are engaging with good cyber habits.


Web Security  90-Day Fully Featured Service – At No Cost, Mimecast

Web Security 90-Day Fully Featured Service – At No Cost

Category: Exclusive Discounts

Remote working is skyrocketing in these trying times, and we want to help protect your employees from web-based cyberattacks. Let us help you with a fully-featured Web Security service for 90 days, at no cost to your organization.

Sign up for our fully-featured Web Security service. We’ll give it to you for 90 days – no strings attached. We’ll walk you through the steps to get started. And, we’ll continue to support you along the way.


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