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City: Overland Park
State: KS

Country: United States

Website: WellSky.com

About WellSky

WellSky is a technology and services company advancing human wellness worldwide through software and services that address the continuum of health and social care. Our purpose is empowering care heroes with technology for good, so that together, we can realize care’s potential and maintain a healthy, flourishing world. Learn more at WellSky.com.


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  • Western Europe

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WellSky Care Coordination, WellSky

WellSky Care Coordination

WellSky Care Coordination is an analytics-driven platform that delivers an unprecedented level of care coordination between payers, health systems, and post-acute providers to safely shift non-COVID-19 patient care to the home. Amid COVID-19, this network can alleviate health system strain and preserve hospital-bed capacity. By connecting to WellSky’s network of 10,000 in-home care agencies, health systems can deliver coordinated care to increase transparency, elevate outcomes, and lower costs.


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