Healthline Information Systems


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City: Davidson
State: NC

Country: United States

About Healthline Information Systems

Healthline provides innovative information technology platforms and solutions for the healthcare market with over 2million assessments processed. HealthE*Cardio supports ECG (Midmark/Philips/Mortara), Stress, Holter and other CardioPulmonary workflow data capture and EHR integration. Our HealthE*Pix product family is the only multi-discipline, enterprise-wide clinical digital photo platform. CAPTURE (any camera or our our app) DOCUMENT, MEASURE/ANNOTATE and INTEGRATE with your EHR. Our ViewIT technology supports viewing wound photos directly from YOUR EHR! DynaMo is a unique App/Web/CS "hybrid" platform that supports barcode and photo acquisition for any use case with a Rapid App Development architecture.

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DynaMo 4 Apps, Healthline Information Systems

DynaMo 4 Apps

Quickly build and deploy mobile solutions for your priority Use Cases using DynaMo. DynaMo supports creation of mobile solutions with “no code” requirements or embellish your solution with robust web language components. The DynaMo hybrid approach provides the safety and control of the App construct while leveraging web based forms for easy to change, server based data capture screens, avoiding new App pushes to devices for UI and workflow changes. Integrates with our HealthE*Flow workflow platform.


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