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City: Danbury
State: CT

Country: United States

About Owl Cyber Defense

Owl Cyber Defense specializes in off-the-shelf, tailored, and custom edge cybersecurity and cross domain solutions, drawing on unmatched network and protocol expertise, data transformation and filtering innovation, and bleeding-edge technological development. Trusted by industry standards bodies and authorities, Owl advises and assists organizations around the world in government, critical infrastructure, and commercial markets, with a focus on solving today’s most challenging network security problems.


  • Australia
  • North America
  • Central Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe
  • Middle East

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New Products & Services

Owl Medical Device Cybersecurity Analysis

Owl Medical Device Cybersecurity Analysis helps you secure your medical devices and network, protecting your clinical assets and enabling you to deploy and operate with confidence. Our services include white box, gray box, and black box testing. Using proven methodologies, our experienced cybersecurity professionals find what you don’t know, uncovering the unknowns related to security posture, risk, liability, and regulatory compliance.

Special Offers

Data Diode Lego Set

Category: Giveaways

Everyone loves Lego's and Owl is offering a one of a kind Data Diode Lego set during HIMSS20 Digital Conference. It's easy to have one sent to you. All you need to do is participate in one of Owl's webinars scheduled during the conference and have a meaningful conversation with our Healthcare Cybersecurity expert Charlie Schick. Charlies' contact information will be posted during the webinar.
Note: These will be offered while supplies last so be sure to you get one.

Fun Sticker Package, Owl Cyber Defense

Fun Sticker Package

Category: Giveaways

Getting this fun package of stickers is easy. Just share your information through your "My Show Planner". Then add Owl to your Planner so we can send you our package of awesome stickers.
The image attached is a sample of the stickers we are offering.
Stickers my vary depending on their availability.


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