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City: San Francisco
State: CA

Country: United States

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Clarify Health delivers advanced analytics that empower providers, payers, and life sciences organizations to optimize care. The Clarify platform seamlessly integrates clinical, claims, social determinant, lab, and prescription data, and deploys machine learning to generate actionable insights. Clarify offers solutions to address business needs such as referral leakage, inpatient care optimization, payer negotiation insights, network design, and member risk stratification.


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COVID-19 Elderly Vulnerability Population Index (EVI), Clarify Health Solutions

COVID-19 Elderly Vulnerability Population Index (EVI)

Clarify’s COVID-19 EVI allows agencies, emergency services, and hospitals to identify areas that will benefit most from increased testing, allocate resources efficiently, and act as early as possible. The EVI integrates medical and demographic data points to reduce blind spots of patient risk. These insights empower agencies and providers to more quickly identify segments of the population that are most susceptible to disease and to direct outreach appropriately.

COVID-19 Patient Risk Profile, Clarify Health Solutions

COVID-19 Patient Risk Profile

As patients with COVID-19 symptoms present at hospitals or emergency services, care providers need rapid access to patient history and risk factors at the point of care. This level of information will allow them to triage and plan care most effectively, especially for new patients for whom they have little to no prior medical or social history. Clarify’s COVID-19 Patient Risk Profile delivers this via a web-based database that focuses particularly on highlighting risk factors for severe illness.

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