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City: Mont-Saint-Hilaire
State: QC

Country: Canada

About Continuum Health / Logibec

Continuum Santé Health is dedicated to advanced analytics in the healthcare sector. We provide innovative solutions to optimize data use and platforms for advances analytics, accessible from anywhere at anytime. These platforms include dashboards, care trajectories, performance reports, and much more. Continuum Santé Health harness real-time date to meet all of operational and strategic needs.

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Intellium COVID-19 cloud dashboard

A cloud dashboard is available to monitor the COVID-19 situation in any healthcare facility. The following KPIs are provided: Clinical (physical, mental health) and multi-sectoral (emergency, hospitalization, screening clinic, etc.) reflection of the use of services generated by the pandemic; visualization of the provenances of patients suspected or diagnosed as being infected; accessibility of your facility’s situation at all times ensuring constant monitoring. A live chat is also available.

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