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City: Atlanta
State: GA

Country: United States

About Libelle LLC

Libelle is an industry leader in automation technology, with solutions for data security, disaster recovery, and SAP® automation. Libelle DataMasking provides secure, unidirectional anonymization of data, while maintaining data consistency and usability for the purpose of testing and analytics. Contact us to learn more about this essential technology for compliance with regard to protection of PHI, PII, and other sensitive data.


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Free Data Masking Proof of Concept, Libelle LLC

Free Data Masking Proof of Concept

Category: Exclusive Discounts

For a limited time, Libelle will offer a Proof of Concept installation of Libelle DataMasking (LDM) on a single data store, free of charge. LDM is an enterprise data obfuscation software to sanitize sensitive data (such as PHI, PII) in non-production systems, agnostic of system size, type, or OS. This promotion is limited to new customers only, who are registered with HIMSS. Must be booked before July 31, 2020.




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