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MedStack is an out-of-the-box HIPAA compliance solution for digital health startups. We combine infrastructure, tooling, security and privacy compliance into a single turnkey developer platform, all at an affordable monthly cost. MedStack empowers innovators to easily build compliant applications from the start, providing guaranteed peace-of-mind, a leg up on sales readiness, and the ability to scale up to 60% faster. MedStack was named a 2019 TechCrunch Top Pick and is based in Toronto, Canada. Book time with us here:


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MedStack Control

MedStack Control is an easy-to-use, turnkey compliance orchestration platform that gives healthcare innovators the power to instantly create and deploy compliant applications. Each element of our security architecture ties back to ISO 27001 and is mapped to industry standards like HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, and SOC 2. Privacy policies are code-generated and machine-readable, allowing developers to demonstrate proof of meeting compliance requirements at any given point in time.

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If your company is less than two years old, generates less than $200,000 in annual revenue, and has raised less than $500,000 in funding, you could be eligible for a startup discount.

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