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City: Paris

Country: France

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Chronolife is a company specialized in digital health. Its patented technology is a unique neuromorphic algorithm called HOTS (Hierarchy Of event-based Time Surfaces), which analyses several data flows continuously, to characterize clinical events. Chronolife has developed a smart wearable that integrates various sensors to monitor physiological data continuously. This data is analyzed by the smartphone application on a patient’s phone that uses HOTS technology to conduct data fusion. It is capable of detecting changes in a patient’s health and triggering alerts to healthcare professionals to predict acute pathological episodes.

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Medical Monitoring Solution, Chronolife

Medical Monitoring Solution

This solution is a multi-sensor wearable medical device in form of a T-shirt that continuously monitors ECG, thoracic & abdominal respiration, temperature, thoracic impedance and physical activity. Data is transferred to its paired smartphone app via Bluetooth and to a secure server, enabling healthcare practitioners to remotely track vital clinical data about their patients. It is designed for comfortable round-the-clock use and is fully washable, mimicking similar daily use garments.

Nexkin™, Chronolife


Nexkin™ (CE & FCC) allows to develop a customized solution according to specific needs of the user. Nexkin™ is based on a smart shirt which is washable & comfortable with companion application to collect and transmit data on six different physiological parameters to certified servers for healthcare. Nexkin has been designed for prevention programs and for example to support ageing in place and for occupational hazard prevention.


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