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City: Reston
State: VA

Country: United States

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careMESH brings together a national provider directory, secure communications, health information exchange, and transition of care workflows into a single service, so that any provider can communicate and collaborate with any other, instantly. Our cloud-based services are designed to efficiently allow hospitals and other healthcare delivery organizations to communicate about patients, maintain complete control over when and where information is shared, and rapidly reduce reliance on outdated tools such as fax and phone calls.


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National Provider Directory, careMESH

National Provider Directory

The careMESH National Provider Directory includes over 5.1M individual practitioners and enterprise listings—the most comprehensive available. And it’s the first national directory based entirely on the HL7 FHIR R4 standard. Hospitals can use the Directory to exchange referrals, discharge summaries, test results, patient records and other transitions of care with any provider in the country. This removes the burden of managing provider directories and day-to-day delivery challenges.

Patient Record Viewer, careMESH

Patient Record Viewer

Physicians love our user-friendly Patient Record Viewer! Not only does it "speak the language of medicine" but it is customizable, searchable, and intuitive. We build dynamic graphical widgets to highlight critical patient information in real-time. Each widget is “clickable” to expand and chart associated data. To support compliance with preventative measures and public health programs, social history data (e.g. smoking status) and controlled substance use (e.g. opioids) are highlighted.

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