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City: Seattle
State: WA

Country: United States

About Cloudticity

Cloudticity is your next-gen AWS managed services, managed security, and managed compliance partner for the healthcare industry. We pour our immense passion for creating a healthier, happier world into helping healthcare organizations design, build, migrate, and manage cloud-based HIPAA-compliant solutions that practically run themselves. Combining tech ingenuity with our intuitive, born-in-the-cloud expertise, Cloudticity offers healthcare providers, payers, and partners a massive automation advantage. CREDENTIALS: HITRUST Certified, AWS Advanced Partner, Audited Managed Services Provider, Authorized Commercial and Government Reseller, Public Sector Partner, Service Catalog Service Delivery Partner, EC2 Systems Manager Service Delivery Partner, and holds both AWS Healthcare and DevOps Competencies.


  • Australasia
  • North America
  • Central America
  • South America
  • Caribbean
  • Central Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe

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