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City: Sunnyvale
State: CA

Country: United States

About Asimily

Asimily is a healthcare focused organization solving for use cases around inventory, cyber-security and operational management for medical and connected devices in healthcare. Asimily solves for a number of use cases ranging from Inventory; Risk Monitoring, Blocking and Segmentation; Vulnerability Management, scoring and risk assessment; Asset Utilization; Vendor Management; Device tracking; Policy Management and many others. For more information, please visit Asimily at the Cyber-security Command Center at HIMSS or contact Asimily at


  • North America
  • Central Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe

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New Products & Services

Asimily Insight - Procurement Risk Analysis

Asimily is offering a Procurement Risk Analysis module to analyse risk of devices at Procurement. Health Systems acquire many hundreds of medical devices yearly but there is a no clear and scientific way to assess risk of those devices before deployment. Asimily's Healthcare focused industry’s first Procurement Risk Analysis Module will solve this problem by providing a detailed view of risk and providing ways to mitigate the risk. For more information, please contact Asimily at

Special Offers

Asimily Covid 19 offer, Asimily

Asimily Covid 19 offer

Category: Giveaways

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, Asimily is offering a COVID-19 Support Program to any healthcare organization in need.

The program will provide the Asimily Insight platform to your organization with no obligations beyond the program period; we are committed to assisting the healthcare community in getting through these challenging times.


Case Studies

HIMSS20 Presentations


  • Asimily INSIGHT - Lifecycle Management + Security for Connected & Medical Devices
  • Big Data Insights --- Actionable Results
  • Critical Asset Management > Enhanced Patient Safety
  • Real world Use Case - FDA recall tracking
  • Real World Use Case - Asset Utilization
  • Real World Use Case - Data Flows and Forensic Analysis
  • Real World Use Case - Device Behavior and Anomaly Detection
  • Real world Use Case - Device Tracking
  • Real World Use Case - Dynamic Asset Inventory
  • Real World Use Case - Flexible Reporting and Policy Alerts
  • Real World use Case - Integrations to SecOp Platform, Maximize Investment
  • Real world Use Case - Procurement Risk Analysis
  • Real World Use Case - Risk Monitoring and Mitigation
  • Real world Use Case - Vendor Management
  • Real World Use Case - Vulnerability Management and Assessment


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