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City: Eden Prairie
State: MN

Country: United States

About Core Security, A HelpSystems Company

Core Security provides organizations with critical, actionable insight and context about who, how, and what is vulnerable in their IT environment. Streamline security and safeguard critical data and assets with access management and vulnerability identification.


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Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) Solutions

Core Security provides an easy-to-use approval system that ensures users receive appropriate access and automates the creation and management of user accounts and access rights. Additionally, we enable organizations to leverage a visual, context-based approach to role creation, streamline the access review and certification process, and reduce service desk volume by providing users with self-service password management.

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Access Risk Quick Scan

Category: Giveaways

Uncover hidden access risks in your business and arm yourself with actionable insights to address your most critical identity risks. Request your free, no-obligation Access Risk Quick Scan from Core Security to instantly identify, diagnose, and evaluate hidden access risks across your business-critical systems.


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