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About Closedloop.Ai is Healthcare's Data Science Platform. We make it easy and affordable for healthcare organizations to use data science to improve patient health and reduce costs. Our technology consists of two key pillars - a healthcare specific machine learning automation platform and a catalog of pre-built predictive and prescriptive models that can be customized and extended based on your local population needs. Use cases include predicting Readmission, ED Utilization, No-shows, and dozens of others. Built for speed, accuracy and explainability, let us build you a new predictive model in only 24 hours!


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The COVID-19 Vulnerability Index

The CV19 Index is an open source, AI-based predictive model that identifies people who are likely to have a heightened vulnerability to severe complications from COVID-19 (commonly referred to as “The Coronavirus”). The CV19 Index is intended to help hospitals, federal / state / local public health agencies and other healthcare organizations in their work to identify, plan for, respond to, and reduce the impact of COVID-19 in their communities. To be absolutely clear – the CV19 Index does NOT predict who will become infected with COVID-19 or geographic locations where the virus might spread. It is meant to identify people with a heightened risk of severe complications should they become infected. Get Started Download – You can download the open source version of the CV19 Index package via Github or PyPi. Deployment – The cv19index can be deployed through three channels (all are completely free): -Turnkey ClosedLoop HIPAA Compliant Hosting – contact ClosedLoop for more information here -Open source download (see links above) -Amazon Sagemaker – run our pre-trained CV19 Index in your own AWS account. CV19 Index Amazon Marketplace


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