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City: Cleveland
State: OH

Country: United States

About MCPc

MCPc is a global data protection company whose core focus is solving the challenges of technology management. For healthcare clients we deliver a comprehensive set of managed services that span the lifecycle of technology assets; procurement, configuration, and distribution of assets, data protection and cyber security, sustainable refurbishment and recycling of assets.

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Workstation on Wheels

As capital equipment or as a lease, MCPc can keep your WOWs humming.

Incident Preparation, Response, and Recovery

MCPc helps organizations prepare, prevent, respond and recover from cyber attacks. MCPc’s Security and Cyber Leadership Team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. With over two hundred years of law enforcement, FBI and CIA, Fortune 50/500 and large mid-market experience, we have the consulting and cyber infrastructure creds to provide comprehensive, holistic, scalable, yet practical solutions.


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