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Eyedog’s Wayfinding-as-a-Service (WaaS) features a scientifically superior approach to indoor navigation using photo landmarks. Our turnkey offering is delivered in weeks, requires no additional hardware such as beacons, and deploys together with a comprehensive success-oriented methodology that takes the needs of your operational, clinical, and marketing teams into account. Our solution APIs allow integrating navigation pathways seamlessly into your health system's branded mobile app, corporate website, and patient access workflows such as appointment reminders. Eyedog is the most intuitive and reliable indoor wayfinding experience. Better, faster, and affordable! Give us your blueprints, and we'll do the rest.


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Awareness Tools

As the recent pandemic has illustrated, hospitals need platforms and procedures to push critical information to the entire population of the communities they serve. Branded hospital apps reach only a very limited audience and health system websites are seldom visited before an unplanned trip to the hospital. Fortunately, these types of awareness campaigns are a natural extension of our Wayfinding as a Service offering. Recognizing that wayfinding is a communications platform, Eyedog.US is now offering customized notifications and alerts designed to reach every hospital patient and visitor. Our adoption services include simple signage, placards, framed signs, and desktop booklets adorned by QR codes that spark natural curiosity. We enable your registrars, volunteers, security and clinical personnel with a single simple procedure to ensure each hospital visitor becomes informed of important notifications -- some of which may require attestation -- without any need to download a native app or interact with a shared kiosk. Check our recent blog to learn more -- https://eyedog.us/covid-19-pushes-us-to-communicate-broadly/

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HIMSS20 Digital Conference Special, Eyedog.US

HIMSS20 Digital Conference Special

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Risk-free 90-day Wayfinding-as-a-Service Pilot

• Just give us your hospital blueprints and we’ll deploy a full-featured wayfinding application with up to 15 Points of Interest and up to 105 distinct pathways.

• The 90-day pilot includes access to:

• Eyedog Cloud – Unlimited wayfinding pathways for employees or guests

• Eyedog Admin – Unlimited access for staff to generate pathways via email or
QR code for patients, guests. employees, providers, and more!


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