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The WorkJam Digital Workplace unleashes the potential of your enterprise workforce through agile scheduling, transformative communication, experiential learning, and tailored recognition. We enable your operations, training, merchandising, HR and internal communications teams to have one solution, in the palm of every frontline employee’s hand, that makes it easy to: communicate strategy to them, help them understand and execute tasks, provide them with training, get them their important HR documents, allow them to manage their shifts and availability, acknowledge their achievements and enable them to provide you with real-time feedback about what’s going on in the stores. Learn more at

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COVID-19 Communications Continuity Package, WorkJam

COVID-19 Communications Continuity Package

At WorkJam we believe that we have a responsibility to do anything we can to help businesses and frontline employees confront the disruption to the economy caused by COVID-19. We know that our software is needed right now to help businesses communicate to frontline employees and have been approached by associations representing industries to do our part. Globally we have 1.5 million customers using our software across multiple blue-chip companies that consider our solution mission critical. We are not doing this as a promotion — we are doing this because it is the right thing to do for another group that is vulnerable to this pandemic — frontline employees that now face an uncertain future, and the businesses they depend on for their employment. For a limited time, WorkJam is offering our communication and training modules in a package that can be implemented in just 5 days — from start to finish. We urge you to consider this option for your business and frontline employees. We do this because all technology companies have a responsibility right now to bring their solutions forward to help our economies recover as quickly as possible and protect people’s livelihoods. Sincerely, Steve Kramer CEO and Co-Founder of WorkJam

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COVID-19 Communications Continuity Package, WorkJam

COVID-19 Communications Continuity Package

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Start communicating with your entire frontline within 5 days!
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Yeti Rambler, WorkJam

Yeti Rambler

Category: Giveaways

Book and attend a demo of WorkJam and we will mail you an 18oz. Yeti Rambler!



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