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GE Healthcare is a leading provider of medical imaging, monitoring, biomanufacturing, and cell and gene therapy technologies. GE Healthcare enables precision health in diagnostics, therapeutics and monitoring through intelligent devices, data analytics, applications and services. With over 100 years of experience and leadership in the healthcare industry and more than 50,000 employees globally, GE Healthcare helps healthcare providers, researchers and life sciences companies in their mission to improve outcomes for patients around the world. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and The Pulse for latest news.

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Deploying AI at Scale in Healthcare

Tue. Mar. 10  |  11:00 AM

This session will delve into global AI trends in healthcare and solutions for enabling scalable AI applications. Matt DiDonato, GE Healthcare. Booth 3367.

Category: Education

Mission Control: Using AI to Improve Transparency, Care Coordination and Decision-Making

Tue. Mar. 10  |  12:00 PM

This presentation will examine challenges AdventHealth faced that led to the development of their Mission Control Command Center and resulting outcomes. GE Clinical Command Centers harness artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to coordinate patient care and resources across the entire health system, streamline care delivery, and help improve health outcomes. Jeff Terry, CEO-Command Centers, GEHC and Peter Chang, MD., Chief Informatics Officer, Tampa General Hospital. Booth 3367.

Category: Education

Activating Data. Liberating Clinicians.

Tue. Mar. 10  |  1:00 PM

Virtual collaboration can assist clinicians in their critical thinking through enhanced data access and communication. How do we ensure that clinicians get the data they need, when they need it, through conversational voice or text? This session will highlight how the liberation of clinicians and data can yield healthcare’s greatest outcomes. Greg Sitkiewicz, GE Healthcare. Booth 3367.

Category: Education

Simplifying the Development of AI in Imaging Workflows

Tue. Mar. 10  |  3:00 PM

In this session you will learn how to reduce the amount of time and IT resources needed to integrate and support AI based clinical applications in imaging workflows. Peter Eggleston, GE Healthcare. Booth 3367.

Category: Education

Experiences from Co-Creating the Future of AI in Radiology with Industrial/Academic Partnerships

Tue. Mar. 10  |  4:00 PM

In the current era of data-driven innovations in which supervised machine learning methods have enabled more automation, detection and classification within the clinical workflow, it is increasingly important for Academic Medicine, Universities and industry to foster deep and different partnerships. This talk will present reasons for these differences in addition to case-studies and lessons learned from active, large scale co-development programs. John Kalafut & Shannon Beach - GEHC. Booth 3367.

Category: Education

Managing IoT & Networks in Healthcare

Wed. Mar. 11  |  10:00 AM

As healthcare orgs deploy non-traditional networked devices, they face new challenges of how to codify and control the behavior, performance, and security of these devices. In order to maximize the value of IoT, healthcare companies will need to overcome these obstacles. Successful initiatives will address operational assurance over the lifecycle of IoT devices to help address business objectives: better patient care and improved clinician efficiency. Puneet Shetty (Nysana) and Paul Jones (GEHC)

Category: Education

Creating a Virtual Hospital

Wed. Mar. 11  |  11:00 AM

GE Healthcare is reimagining what it means to create a virtual hospital. Moving beyond episodic telehealth models, the virtual hospital provides continuous surveillance and proactively prioritizes patients at risk based on hospital defined protocols. A combination of real time data with flexible visualization and notification tools can help remove workflow inefficiencies to enable clinical teams to deliver responsive, timely, and compliant care across the entire health system. Greg Sitkiewicz.

Category: Education

Promoting Cardiovascular Physician Engagement

Wed. Mar. 11  |  1:00 PM

How can organizations take advantage of current technology to help reduce physician burnout while keeping their physicians engaged and adhering to guideline driven documentation practice? Join to learn about challenges with cardiology reporting, value of structured reporting in Cardiology, advancements in cardiology structured reporting and best practice approach for implementation. Ryan Donlon, GE Healthcare. Booth 3367.

Category: Education

The VNA as the Foundation for Enterprise Data Managemen

Wed. Mar. 11  |  3:00 PM

The volume of unstructured clinical imaging data is growing, the types of data are changing, and the sources of data are shifting. How do healthcare providers address this expansion of data across the care continuum that may be isolated across complex and siloed IT architecture? We will discuss the benefits of a VNA, best practices on how you can begin to plan for deploying a VNA, and how you can turn your data into the asset that it should be. Jamie Hamilton, GE Healthcare. Booth 3367.

Category: Education

New Approach to Medical Device Cybersecurity

Wed. Mar. 11  |  2:00 PM

While medical devices run off operating systems with antivirus, firewalls, and built-in cybersecurity protection, approaching medical device security from a purely traditional IT approach will not protect them against emerging and evolving cybersecurity threats. In this session, GE Healthcare will address how healthcare providers leave medical devices open to security risks, and steps to begin ensuring medical device security for legacy equipment. Sher Baig, GE Healthcare. Booth 3367.

Category: Education

Artificial Intelligence in Precision Health

Wed. Mar. 11  |  4:00 PM

In this talk, we will present a high-level look at analytics and artificial intelligence in precision health, the current state of the industry, and the journey and challenges ahead. These topics are geared toward audiences that would like an overview to how analytics and AI are transforming healthcare delivery—from existing technologies and industry trends to exploring and planning for the potential of future technology. Lino Ramirez, GE Healthcare. Booth 3367.

Category: Education

Digital Central Monitoring Units (CMUs) for Cardiac Telemetry

Thu. Mar. 12  |  10:00 AM

Digital CMUs supports digitizing and scaling an intelligent, enterprise-wide solution leveraging smartphones for event notification, mobile visualization, care team collaboration, and advanced analytics. DCMUs help hospitals benefit from economies of scale, improved care team collaboration, decrease in alarms hitting the floors, and accelerated response time to patients. Nicholai Dessypris, GEHC. Booth 3367.

Category: Education

Accelerating Innovation and Efficiency with Open Software Marketplaces

Thu. Mar. 12  |  11:00 AM

The GE Healthcare Software Marketplace at allows U.S. customers to easily and quickly discover, evaluate, buy - and in the future try, install, update and manage software from both GE Healthcare and partners. Customers can find targeted solutions by medical specialty, functionality and device family anytime, anywhere using our responsive, mobile-friendly website or soon, from within their existing workflows on-premise. Beverly May, GE Healthcare. Booth 3367.

Category: Education

Helping AI & Analytics Innovators Advance Healthcare

Thu. Mar. 12  |  1:00 PM

This session will highlight the trends of democratizing AI and why partner ecosystems matter in advancing healthcare solutions that improve efficiencies across the healthcare enterprise. Michaela Potvin, GE Healthcare. Booth 3367.

Category: Education