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City: Redmond
State: WA

Country: United States

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Microsoft enables personalized care, empowers care teams, and helps improve operational outcomes for your healthcare organization. Meet your unique organizational mission by providing the right information at the right time for patients and staff, by putting people at the center, and reimagining your healthcare services. We empower the digital transformation of your organization with our deep commitments to trust, innovation, security, and compliance. Find support in our vast network of partners who truly understand healthcare needs and utilize the power of our innovative technologies to do more and achieve more for patients, care teams and the communities you serve.

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Microsoft Healthcare Summit, Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Healthcare Summit

The Microsoft Healthcare Summit is a collection of digital experiences that can help you gain valuable insights to personalize the patient journey, improve care delivery and accelerate data interoperability to operationalize new models of care within a secure and compliant environment. Register here at https//

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