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City: Tampa
State: FL

Country: United States

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Smart Meter enables the proactive management of diabetes through an innovative and diverse portfolio of data, technology, and solutions. The iGlucose Diabetes Care Solution by Smart Meter provides access to real-time and reliable blood glucose data, enabling healthcare professionals to make better clinical decisions, while saving time and money. Remote Patient Monitoring with the iGlucose Cellular Diabetes System can provide immediate, reliable and actionable data for improved patient outcomes.


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iGlucose LTE CAT-M

Smart Meter will be launching the iGlucose® Cellular Connected Diabetes Blood Glucose Monitoring System. The new iGlucose solution utilizes LTE Cat-M1 technology, the industry’s newest and broadest cellular connectivity available, to provide patients with seamless connectivity to their physicians for remote patient monitoring (RPM). Data is immediately transmitted via AT&T’s vast cellular network enabling physicians the ability to intervene when necessary and improve patient care.


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