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At Altus, our goal is to improve how clinicians and staff work. We’ve spent the last 25 years innovating to build the best workstation solutions on the market. It’s not only about finding an affordable solution, but finding the most ergonomic, durable, and intuitive workstations. Our sit-to-stand workstations are built to improve comfort which in turn increases productivity. There is power in productivity. We study how real people work to enhance their workflow. Our innovative designs help clinicians face a wide range of daily challenges. Our technology workstations offer optimized mobility, adjustability, access to patient data, and improved clinician well-being.

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VNT-1: Ventilator Cart, Altus

VNT-1: Ventilator Cart

The VNT-1 ventilator non-powered cart is designed to accommodate the necessary accessories to carry various ventilators and equipment. The cart is highly mobile and ergonomic with a lightweight build and height-adjustable base. The square surface features a reversed teardrop edge. Engineered with solid die-cast aluminum for years of constant use.

EHR Mobile Device Dock Workflow Solution, Altus

EHR Mobile Device Dock Workflow Solution

Improve your EHR workflows through clinical mobile devices and Altus mobile sit-to-stand workstations. The mobile device dock is mounted within ergonomic reach, making it possible for clinicians to easily go from scanning to patient monitoring. Experience seamless integration with MEDITECH's EHR software. An Altus powered workstation can serve as a convenient charger and the device dock is compatible with any mobile phone device.

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